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the Sicilian dialect of Italian




dialect ballads



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Is it necessary to learn slangs?There is culture in every language, and a lot of culture is carried by slangs. For example, the offical language of China is Mandarin, but when you go to some places like Guangdong and Hong Kong, munication would be really easy if you know some Cantonese. It's not only the language you'll use, but also helps you with emerging yourself into their culture. Let's take another example: when we study English, we cannot assume that we always hear standard British or American English. Slangs or different accents can be heard everywhere. These are also English, maybe they are even more closer to the real life. They also give us a great push towards English culture. Based on the above opinions, I think it's really necessary to learn Slangs and Accents.











tTherearesomedifference*** eeenputonghuaandsomedialects, whicharespokenindifferentpartsofChina, includingthedongbeidialect.WrittenChineseandgrammararealmostthesame, buttherearesomewordsinthedongbeidialectthatarenotusedbypeoplewhospeakputonghua. Forexample, dongbeipeopleoftenuse"gala" tomean"jiaoluo" inputonghua, anduse"an'men" tomean"wo'men".Itiseasytotell*** alldifferencesinpronunciationandintonationbeeenputonghuaandthedongbeidialect. Forexample,"ren" isoftenpronouncedas"yin". However, thedifferencesareso*** allthatpeoplewhospeakputonghuaandthosewhospeakthedongbeidialectcanunderstandeachother.

关于英语作文内容:李华介绍中国要求:1.中国有80多种方言 2.北方...

Hello, I am Lihua and I want to introduce something about the Chinese language. There are more than eighty dialects in our country because of the large area of our country. Among them the dialect spoken in the north of China is the most popular,as a result it is the base of Putonghua. The languages in different areas are quite different but the same in writing. The languages reflect our Chinese history and bee the parts of our culture.


1.The difference beeen mandarin and Northeast's Chinese2.There is nothing **g difference beeen mandarin and Northeast's Chinese in writing and grammar,but The Northeast's Chinese speak dialect.3.It's easy to distinguish mandarin and Northeast's Chinese through intonation and accent.4.But there is no **g difference beeen them.The people who speak mandarin can also municate well with the Northeast Chinese.以上只是个人意见,仅供参考.其中东北话这个词我不是很确定.或许也可以用这个词Northeastese.国为很多语言都是在地方后边加上ese.如广东话,天津话等.但我不能确定.



双语例句: American dialects often vary from Standard English in the form and usage of relative pronouns.美国的各种方言在关系代词的形式和用法上常与标准英语有出入。

The development of standard forms of English in both Britain and the US led to suggestions that other dialects were inferior.标准英语在英国和美国逐渐形成,致使其他方言被看作是低人一等。

These writers, by representing dialects in their novels, bravely violated the boundaries beeen dialects and standard English as socio linguists prescribed.这些作家以极大的勇气去表现为舆论所鄙夷的土话。

He can speak several dialects.他会说好几种方言。

No one wants to learn six different dialects of a query language and then relearn it every six months.没有人希望学习一种查询语言的六种不同方言,然后每六个月重新学习一次。

That is a handy way of representing the o different“r” sounds in some Romanian dialects.在一些罗马尼亚的方言中,这是一个表现不同“r”音的简单方法。

Some also have special capa**lities for dealing with widely used XML dialects, or with other techniques often used with XML documents.一些编辑器还有特殊的能力,用以处理广泛使用的XML“方言”或XML文档常用的其它技术。

He knew all the local languages and dialects.他通晓当地所有的语言和方言。

A good text editor for working with XML will have syntax highlighting that is generic for all XML dialects, and also probably the option of configuring something more specific for a given dialect.良好的用于XML的文本编辑器将有对于所有XML方言来说都是常规性的语法突出显示,而对于给定的方言,可能还有一些配置更特定部分的选项。

When Chinese travel to different parts of the country, they frequently have difficulty municating with people who only speak the local dialects.即使中国人到不同地区旅游时,他们经常遇到的难题,也是很难与只讲当地方言的人进行交流和沟通。


随便写一点啊,不一定能到三分钟.完全手打的……China has a large population,so there are many different dialects all over the country.Some of them are so distinct that some linguistists treat them as different languages.It is mon that people from different provinces cannot municate by using their own dialects.Usually in these cases people will try to use mandarin.Mandarin is the most vastly spreaded dialect in China,and here it has a much broader meaning than the"Beijing dialect" or Putonghua.It is spoken in all the areas to the north of Changjiang river,and even somewhere to the south,like the southwestern provinces of China as Sichuan.Another famous dialect is Cantonese,which is quite popular abroad.In China is mainly spoken in Hong Kong and Guangdong province.It has more ancient features and more difficult to learn.Taiwanese is spoken in South Fujian and Taiwan,and also in some places of southeast Asia.It is quite different from Mandarin and Cantonese.Hakka is widely distributed all over the world.It is also spoken by the people in south China,like Jiangxi,Fujian and Guangdong provinces.There are also many other dialects,but not so famous as these four above.The Wu dialect is in Shanghai and nearby areas,Xiang dialect is in Hunan.The Mandarin could also be divided into about 7 sub-dialects,so we can see that the classification of languages and dialects in China is very plicated.

奉贤精锐英语邵老师为你解答:Today, the information age has replaced the industrial age and has pressed time and distance. This is transforming world economies from industrial production to information-based goods and services. Ignoring geography and borders, the information revolution is redefining our world. In less than 20 years, information processing, once limited to the printed work, has given way to puters and the Inter. Computer-aided munication is closing the gap beeen spoken and written English. It encourages more informal conversational language and a tolerance for diversity and individual style.今天,信息时代已经取代了工业时代,并缩短了时间和距离。






8 English, like many languages, uses a phoic alphabet and fairly basic grammar. But most importantly, it has a large and extensive vocabulary, of which about 80% is foreign. It has borrowed and continues to borrow words from Spanish and French, Hebrew and Ara**c, Hindi-Urdu and Bengali, Malay and Chinese, as well as languages from West Africa and Polynesia. This language characteristic makes it unique in history.英语像许多语言一样使用语音字母以及比较基本的语法。




9 Finally, no English language central authority guards the standards of the language, therefore, many dialects have developed: American, British, Canadian, Indian, and Australian, to name a few. There is no standard pronunciation. But within this diversity is a unity of grammar and one set of core vocabulary. Thus, each country that speaks the language can introduce aspects of its own culture into the usage and vocabulary.后一点是,由于没有英语语言**权威机构维护英语标准,因此形成了许多方言:美国英语、英国英语、加拿大英语、印度英语和澳大利亚英语,就是众多的方言中的几种。




10 However, the future is unpredictable. There has never been a language so widely spread or spoken by so many people as English. So, there are no examples to help us predict what happens to a language when it achieves genuine world status.然而,英语的未来无从预测。



11 The world is in transition, and the English language will take new forms. The language and how it is used will change, reflecting new patterns of contact with other languages and the changing munication needs of people.世界正处于变革之中,英语将会出现新的形式。


12 English is ridding itself of its political and cultural associations as more people realize that English is not the property of only a few countries. Instead, it is a vehicle that is used globally. It belongs to whoever uses it for whatever purpose or need.英语正在消除其自身的**和文化的含义,因为越来越多的人认识到,英语不是少数几个国家的财产。



13 There is no reason to believe that any one other language will appear within the next 50 years to replace English. However, it is possible that English will not remain unchallenged in the 21st century. Rather, a*** all number of languages may share in importance-- each with a special area of influence. For example, Spanish is rising because of expanding trade and the increase of the Latino population in the United States. This could create a **lingual English-Spanish region.没有理由相信在未来50年内会出现任何其他一种语言取代英语。










China has a vast land and a large population. Eventhough the Chinese language is spoken all over thecountry, people in different areas speak it in differentways, which are called dialects. Generally called locallanguages, dialects are branches of the Chineselanguage in different regions, and are only used in certain areas. Dialects of the Chineselanguage are very complicated. They differ from each other in three aspects: pronunciation,vocabulary and grammar. And the difference in pronunciation is the most outstanding. Over2,000 years ago, Chinese people realized that a common language should be used in socialactivities. Compared with dialects,mandarin can be understood by all people. It is beneficialto information tran**ission and cultural exchange between ethnic groups and people indifferent places..




As part of local culture, Chinese dialects are an indispensable part of Chinese national culture. China is a multi-ethnic and multi-lingual country. In the process of its development, the Han Chinese society went through divisions at different levels, so the Chinese language was gradually mixed with dialects. Modern Chinese language comprises various dialects from widely distributed areas. One of the few major dialects in modern Chinese is the northern dialect which was derived from the ancient Chinese language after thousands of years of development in the vast northern region. The differences of various dialects in modern Chinese can be seen in pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar, especially pronunciation, but none is a separate language independent of Chinese.




As Chinese ban society experienced various degrees of division and unification in the process of development,the dialects gradually emerged.Modem Chinese has numerous dialects spreading widely among various regions.The differences among dialects are apparent,which are shown in three aspects,that is pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar,and the most notable difference lies in pronunciation. However,the dialects follow the same rules correspondingly with the Chinese language,also have similarities in vocabulary and grammar with it.so none of which truly exists as a unique language.Nowadays,the linguist experts have not reached a consensus as to how to categorize these modem Chinese dialects,but the majority of people argue that there are seven major dialects.









dialect continuum方言连续体;方言连续性










北京话, Pekingese(网络)





以上来自百度翻译,只看了这么多(当然以上地方语言还有其它英语翻译读法),主要是中国的一些大城市(北上广),不是很有名的中小城市一般都是(如四川,Sichuan dialect)地方名或者城市名+dialect;中国其他城市或者地方可能还有地方名+nese的,赖得查询,其实我也不知道,学问低